[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Takes Viewers on A Damning Walkthrough of The Ukraine Scandal

Well, since Big Tech has decided we’re not allowed to read the article on Hunter Biden’s Ukraine scandal, Tucker Carlson has decided to talk about it.

They can’t stop him from speaking, can they? Not yet, anyway…I’m sure they’re working on it, though.


Yes, today was a crazy day on social media, where Big Tech went “all-in” on Joe Biden and literally laid down over glass, fire, and a pit of snakes to protect him from this massive scandal that’s been looming over his head for eons now.

But thankfully, conservatives have the most-watched show in all of cable news, and tonight, Tucker Carlson took his huge gathering of viewers on a very damning walkthrough of Hunter and Joe’s Ukraine scandal.

This is must watch and must share.

You can watch the video below:

It’s funny…Big Tech didn’t have a problem with everyone under the sun sharing the Times unverified Trump tax story, did they?

They also didn’t have an issue with everyone sharing the Atlantic’s unverified story about the “Military suckers” and we know they didn’t have an issue sharing the debunked lies in the “Russia collusion” stories – but when it comes to Joe, they seem to have a really big problem with this story.

But it’s not going to go away…we’re Americans, and we crave the truth.


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