[VIDEO] USA Basketball Team Just Suffered Worst Humiliation...And Americans Showed Them No Mercy

The basketball didn’t bounce the right way for selfish, spoiled NBA “superstars” who are playing for Team USA in the Olympics.

Team USA and Team Nigeria played a pre-Olympic-opener game, and the results were disastrous for the “activist athletes” on Team USA


Team Nigeria was a 30-point underdog, yet, even so, they beat Team USA by 3-points in a shocking finish.

The woke, anti-American team, went down in a ball of humiliating flames.

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AP reported that this is not how USA Basketball expected to open its Olympic summer.

Nigeria probably didn’t expect it, either.

If there were any expectation of invincibility for the Americans heading into the Tokyo Olympics, it’s already gone — after Nigeria beat the U.S. 90-87 on Saturday night, an international shocker pulled off by a roster primarily filled by little-known NBA players that found a way to beat a group of All-NBA, All-Star and max-contract performers.


“We just wanted to compete,” said Nigeria’s Gabe Nnamdi, who goes by Gabe Vincent when playing for the Miami Heat. “We know what USA Basketball means around the world and what they’ve stood for so long.”

Here are the last few seconds of the game:

You can watch the video below:

As you can imagine, Americans, who have grown sick and tired of “activist athletes,” pounced on this loss and showed no mercy whatsoever to the “woke” NBA superstars.

Here’s a sampling of what’s being talked about online:

“GO NIGERIA!!! Maybe if our athletes were focused on the game and not on trying to make some DA political statement I’d feel sorry for them.
This round I’m rooting for the rest of the world. I love my country, just not the people representing us”

“Team BLM continues its losing ways. They will never be winners”

“Maybe they should spend less time taking a knee and more time practicing.”

“Is this Team USA or Team BLM”


“Too woke to concentrate on basketball.” 

“Billion Dollar Babies are priviliged softies from the moment of birth”

“Bet none of the Nigerians kneeled diring their anthem.”

“Dedicated athletes beat rich social activist cry babies.”

“This is what happens when you take an opponent lightly. A lesson to be applied to everyday life. Not that I care one whit about sports anymore.”

“Hope they lose it all.”

“In the past something like this upset me but, today I just can’t give a shit anymore.”

“Team WokeBabies USA were thrown off by the lack of diversity and social justice virtue signaling from Nigeria and it broke their concentration”

These type of comments go on and on and on.

And it’s not really shocking – there’s a lot of anger boiling right now between fans and players – and that anger is reflected in the cruddy ratings and overall lack of support for the NBA and most national sports in America.

It’s very simple: fans want to watch SPORTS. Nobody wants politics and social justice mixed into sports entertainment and it’s infuriating that these teams won’t listen to their fans and stop with the “woke” nonsense.


This is why people are tuning out.

Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Olympics and never miss the games.

But I won’t watch them anymore.

Why would I want to watch a bunch of jerks who hate their country win something and then spit in our collective faces?

No thank you.

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