[VIDEO] Very Awkward Video of Obama Trying to "Excite" 6 Biden Supporters in PA With a Bullhorn 

Obama has to feel like he’s in that movie Groundhog Day, where the same day just keeps repeating its self.

Here he is again –  desperately trying to drag a crappy Democrat candidate over the finish line.

But I guess one thing is different from last time…now he has even a worse candidate to try and lug around.


I mean, at least Hillary could form a sentence – when she wasn’t hacking up a lung.

Joe’s got all the scandals (and way more) that a Hillary did, and a raging case of Alzheimer’s to boot.

So, here’s poor ol’ Obama, running out at the last minute to try and “shore up” the base, which is even less excited this time around, and he’s looking like a desperate fool.

Last time around he at least had semi-filled auditoriums and a microphone.

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This time, however, he’s standing on a sidewalk shouting at about 6 bored people with a bullhorn.

I mean, this is just mortifying beyond words.

You can watch the video below:

Obama’s out there fighting for his life, trying to get Biden elected so his #SpyGate criminality isn’t exposed.

Imagine having your reputation literally hanging in the balance and the one person who’s holding your fate in their hands has Alzheimer’s?

I wouldn’t want to Obama right now!


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