[VIDEO] Wait Till You See What 30,000 People Do Right After the National Anthem is Done Playing at Trump’s Miami Rally

Something truly magical is taking place in Miami, folks.

This city has somehow gone from a far-left stronghold, to a non-stop pro-Trump bonanza.


Don’t believe it, well just look at the numbers:

From The Miami Herald

But in a left-leaning county of 1.5 million voters, nearly 300,000 Republicans had already turned out to vote by Saturday morning, by far the most of any county in Florida. The Miami-Dade GOP, which added 56,000 voters in the last four years, had nearly matched its entire output from 2016 while turning out at a rate 5.5 percentage points higher than the state average for Republicans. Two-thirds of the party’s Miami-Dade voters — many of them Cuban-American — had cast their ballots as of Saturday morning, at a turnout rate 7 percentage points higher than their Democratic counterparts in the county.

That turnout among Miami Republicans has helped Trump dig out from under a massive ballots-cast deficit in Florida created by a groundswell of Democratic mail ballots. Over the first 12 days of early voting, after Democrats built up a statewide lead of about 500,000 ballots cast, Florida Republicans had come within 117,000 votes of matching them as the election headed into the final weekend of early votingwhen Democrats typically turn out in big numbers. More than 8.3 million votes had been cast statewide by Saturday morning.

In Miami-Dade, where there are 200,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans, Democrats had cast more ballots overall, but trailed Republicans in votes cast at early voting centers by 5,000 votes and in overall turnout percentage. None of that takes into account the votes of independents, about a quarter-million of whom had voted in Miami-Dade County.

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But you can see the support for Trump growing in Miami not just from these figures, but also from the impressive pro-Trump demonstrations that are popping up all over the city.

So amazing right?

But what’ll give you instant chills is this amazing moment when supporters lifted their hats as the national anthem played:

This is so incredible to see.

The support for Trump in 2020 has made 2016’s look like backyard barbecue.

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