[VIDEO] "Walk Away" Founder Brandon Straka Physically Assaulted by D.C. BLM Supporters and Called a "Fa**ot"

Brandon Straka, the gay man who founded the #WalkAway movement probably feels really happy he walked away from the angry, evil Democrat Party, especially after what he went through after leaving the RNC Convention at the White House.

Straka and his friends were assaulted by angry and violent BLM supporters.

As Brandon describes it, it was one of the most anti-gay attacks he’s endured in the past 10-years.

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Brandon and two of his friends were on their way back to their DC hotel when they were confronted by the BLM mob.

Mr. Straka and his friends were threatened and called “faggots,” as well as being physically assaulted by the crazed group.

The BLM mob and the Antifa Mob are emboldened to behave this way and assault and attack innocent American citizens because Democrat officials have allowed them to get away with “murder.”

They’ve even painted their LOGO in the streets. They feel invincible and empowered and as if they have a right to say and do whatever they want to whomever they want.

Imagine how much worse it will be if Joe Biden wins the White House…they would feel like they owned the country and nobody nowhere would be safe.


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