[VIDEO] Washington Wizards Star Bradley Beal and Orlando's Jonathan Issac Drop Massive Red Pills On NBA

It’s amazing how the left has branded the “unvaccinated” as toothless Trump-supporting hillbillies – people so ignorant and ill-informed that they can’t make a decision for themselves, and need the much smarter and more “sophisticated” liberals and government officials to step in and save them from themselves.


But that’s not the case at all.

Firstly, the people who support Trump and don’t trust the vaccine, have not trusted it since President Trump touted it…unlike liberals, who went from refusing the vax under Trump, to suddenly loving it under Biden, Trump supporters have been very steadfast and unchanging on this issue.

And it wasn’t that President Trump did anything wrong, but the virus has always been cloaked in mystery – the type of stuff that has caused a lot of people to feel very leery.

And it’s not about being “anti-vax,” for most of them.

It’s about being very suspicious of how this entire virus has been handled from the get-go. Fauci caused a lot of problems right out of the gate. There’s been a lot of flip-flopping on very big issues by Fauci and then later by Biden.

There’s been a lot of misinformation spread early on by Fauci and later by Biden, and a lot of confusion with the messaging from both.

Not to mention all of the elites we see day in and day out not following the “rules,” and the politicization of the virus – all of this, and more has created a lot of confusion, hesitancy, and distrust amongst the American people.

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And the way we’re not allowed to talk about anything “negative” about the vaccine online without risking suspension, and how actual medical doctors who share a different point of view are quickly silenced and berated…

None of that makes sense, and none of it is “normal,” and again, this just adds to the suspicion of it all.

And I think one of the main things that have most people completely baffled is how we don’t discuss natural immunity…ever. It’s never brought up, and that is one of the most freaky aspects of all of this…especially for me, someone who’s had COVID.

And of course, the vaccine itself – it started off being touted and marketed as “immunity,” and then quickly hanged, as vaccinated people started getting sicker and sicker…but it wasn’t the vaccine that was to blame for everyone getting sick, somehow it got flipped and blamed on the unvaccinated…again, something else that didn’t make a whole lotta sense.

Finally, one other point that the media, Dems, and Joe Biden seem to be missing is that the majority of people who don’t want to take this vaccine aren’t “Trump supporters.” They are minorities…blacks and Hispanics, who, for all the reasons I mentioned above, don’t trust this thing.

And that’s where these two videos I saw online come into play.


You can watch the video below:

And speaking of amazing NBA players, I saw this video and was blown away by how perfectly Jonathan Isaac stated how all of us feel.

This man just nails it with one thousand hammers of righteousness.


These two NBA stars have managed to put into words EXACTLY how so many Americans feel about the vaccine.

They are literally dropping red-pill BOMBS all over the NBA and Joe Biden, and honestly, how can you argue with these common-sense arguments?

And Isaac is right – the more the left berates and mocks the unvaccinated, and the more venom and vile anger they spit, the more the unvaccinated dig in their heels…we need to have a serious national “science” talk about this, including natural immunity, obesity, and age.

We also need to talk about the death numbers. We need to separate out the folks who died WITH COVID from the people who died FROM COVID…and of those who died “from” COVID, how old were they, were they obese and did they have other health risks?


That’s the start of an HONEST national discussion and it will put COVID in a much clearer light…but maybe that’s exactly why they don’t want to talk about all that stuff…they don’t want a “clear light” on anything related to COVID and that’s why so many people don’t want to take the vaccine.

See? It’s a vicious circle, and it all centers around hiding facts and science from people.

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