[VIDEO] Wayne County Democrats Threaten and Dox GOP Canvassers Until They Cave and Certify Wayne County Vote

What you’re about to see and read will disturb you.

It’s liberal mob violence, doxing, and threats at its very worse, and it’s happening at a time when we need to allow the process to work its self out in order to preserve our Constitution and give Americans some semblance of confidence in our elections – which Democrats have destroyed.


Here’s what happened: two GOP canvassers voted “no” to certify the Wayne County election vote. They believe that there was a fraud and they did not feel comfortable certifying that vote.

This move was unprecedented and it made news everywhere.

The left was furious. They want nothing more than to just slap a bow on 2020 and call it a day.

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Instead of respecting the process and wanting to work to make sure our election was fair, Democrats like tyrannical Governor Whitmer came out slamming the two GOP canvassers.

Gretchen started a wave of hate and anger that would eventually intimidate and scare the canvassers so badly, that they caved, and certified the vote.

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Gee, isn’t that the “all American way” ? absolutely shameful and communist beyond words.

The first nasty and threatening video below is from Wayne County leftist Ned Staebler.

This next video is from Abraham Aiyash from Wayne County who threatened and doxed his fellow board member Monica Palmer’s children, announcing names of their schools after calling their mother racist.


This should be illegal and he should face jail time for this.

So, in the end, the terrified GOP canvassers certified the election. Do you blame them? They were probably scared to death.

Not only from their co-workers, and governor, but ANTIFA also jumped in and started threatening them as well.

You have to ask yourself…if the Dems did nothing wrong, why wouldn’t they want the entire election audited to make sure everything was fair?

We all know the answer to that…this was not fair, it was a huge cheat, and everyone with half a brain knows it and nothing will ever change that, and we’ll never be quiet about it.

I’m sorry, but America did not elect a drooling and confused man with a clear and raging case of “Alzheimer’s” and a scandalous past of lining his pockets and the pockets of his crackhead son.


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