[VIDEO] WH Reporter Reacts to Trump's Massive Rally Crowds, "Something's Going On..." 

There’s something “happening” and it’s to the point now where people in the media just can’t ignore it like they’ve been trying to do for months now.

There is an energy and a special kind of magic that even supersedes 2016, which I never thought would happen.


2016 was amazing – it was new and real, and very raw and exciting…But 2020 is even more of that.

It feels new again because this is such a weird election, it’s raw because so much really serious and weird stuff is happening, and it’s exciting because Trump has grown his base.

2020 is even a bigger deal than 2016 was….and even the media people are noticing it.

During a rally late last night in Wisconsin, President Trump told a story about a WH reporter traveling with him to these outrageous and over-the-top rallies, who finally just said to him, “Something is going on…”

Gee, ya think?

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You can watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Joe and Obama are bringing out about 13 people each for their sad and depressing events.

What’s the point?

Why on earth would you waste the money and resources to stand there in front of 10 or so people?

But we’re supposed to believe that Biden is 176 points ahead in the polls?

by the way, he called another “lid” on his campaign today.

9 days out and he’s back in his basement “fighting” for the American people.


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