[VIDEO] What Are These Mysterious Envelopes Migrants Are Carrying Around US Airports?

Many people are wondering what is inside these strange envelopes that migrants are carrying with them at local US airports.


Migrants have been spotted holding these large manilla envelopes with flight information written on them.

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There’s also a notice on the envelope stating they don’t speak English.

Here’s a closeup look at the manilla envelope:

Some people suspect that there is “cash” in the envelope, although, I haven’t seen any proof of that.

The video below claims these illegal migrants had “envelopes of cash,” but that’s absurd because no cash was ever revealed in the video.

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It’s clear that there’s something in the envelope, but as far as I can tell, nobody knows for sure what it is.

My guess would be that it’s tickets and boarding passes, at the very least.


I can’t imagine why anyone would walk around with cash in a giant envelope. Wouldn’t it be easier to keep it in your wallet?

There are people posting claims that illegal aliens are stating they were given $2500 cash. There’s no way to confirm this, however.

Now, I’m not suggesting the government wouldn’t do this – I just don’t see any actual proof of money in the envelopes.

Along with boarding passes, I’d guess they also have some official paperwork from wherever they were “processed” in the envelopes as well.


For me, what’s alarming, is that our tax dollars are going to pay for these airline tickets for these people who may or may not have been tested for COVID, and who are just being released willy-nilly into the US, wandering around, unable to communicate with anyone.

I also think it’s absurd and concerning they’re being allowed to board US flights without showing ID, and that states are being “blocked” for migrants.

Personally, I find all of this to be much more concerning than what could be inside the envelope – at least at this point.


We do need more info. Americans have a right to know what the heck is going on.


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