[VIDEO] "What in God's Name is He Talking About?" James Woods Struggles to Understand Biden's Latest Confusing Comments

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to understand what Joe Biden is saying, or even trying to say.

Yet, shockingly, the media doesn’t seem to have any issue with these incoherent mumbo-jumbo lines that Biden spits out all too frequently.

Just imagine if President Trump said stuff like this? Just a string of garbley-gook that makes zero sense whatsoever…it’d be on a CNN loop 24/7.

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The only thing I can really make out of this garbled up sentence is something about the lady’s department…of course, he’d make that part clear.

Maybe you can do better than me, take a listen.

You can watch the video below:

I need to get my hands on a “Biden WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY” Super-Secret Decoder Ring.” Do you think they sell ’em on Amazon?

It’s stuff like this here that makes me think that’s why Biden is now calling his ticket the “Harris/Biden administration.”

How can anyone have confidence in a man who can’t string a sentence together?


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