[VIDEO] White BLM Supporter Drops N-Word, Says He's Allowed to Because He Holds a "BLM" Sign and Listens to Rap Music 

Have you noticed that the majority of people using the N-Word are white BLM supporters?

I have noticed this a lot. Especially when you see these white Antifa/BLM protesters screaming racist slurs at black police officers.

According to these white liberals, it’s okay to degrade and berate Black folks as long as they don’t agree with your political ideology.

That makes perfect sense, and doesn’t create more racism, and segregate and divide people, right? ?


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This guy in the video below is a perfect example of that screwed up, racist mentality.

While arguing with some Trump supporters, this unhinged white “BLM” supporter called a white Trump supporter the N-word.

When he was called out for it, he got angry and quickly started naming off a laundry list of lame and insulting excuses as to why *HE* is allowed to use that word.

  1. He claims saying “n*gga” with an “a” on the end is okay.
  2. He’s been holding a “BLM” sign all day
  3. He listens to hip hop
  4. It’s the year 2020

So, if you listen to rap music and hold a BLM sign, you can insult and disrespect Black folks?

That’s this guy’s rationale…welcome to the loving world of liberals.

These people are literally a walking/talking mental illness. We need a cure.

You can watch the video below:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, not only is BLM a Marxist, anti-America movement, it’s also the most hateful and racist movement around.

The violence, anger, and racism spewing from so many different people within this group is toxic and disgusting, and all decent, freedom-loving people of all colors, shapes, and sizes should flat-out reject it.


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