[VIDEO] Whoops! Car Catches on Fire in the Middle of Chicago's "Mexican Independence Day" Parade

If you live in America, why are you out clogging the streets celebrating Mexican Independence? Look, I understand sharing culture and whatnot, but these parades, with traffic, and giant Mexican flags just seem a bit over the top.

A lot of challenges we have with some folks who come to America is that they don’t learn to love and appreciate our culture and flag…these are the same people…like Ilhan Omar, who then decide we need to “fundamentally change” America.

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During the Mexican Independence Parade in Chicago, over 1,000 cars flooded the streets, blasting Mexican music, and waving Mexican flags.

You can watch the videos below:

However, it wasn’t all peachy-keen – one of the cars in the “parade” actually caught on fire.

And not just a little fire…the whole thing was raging in a massive blaze.

You can watch the video below:

Some people might wonder, if you’re this connected to where you came from, maybe it’s time to go back?

Either that or get involved in. America’s culture, so you. can wave our flag with that much excitement and pride, while sharing your culture in other ways that everyone can enjoy.


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