[VIDEO] Women’s Soccer Team Just Disgraced America...Now, Look How They're Trying to Hide It From You...

By now, we’re all sadly used to the anti-American communist Democrats.


They’re everywhere – filthy rich elites, who make more money than God, bellyaching about how awful America is – a country that has given them their privileged life.

These elite Dem-commies are in Congress, trashing the US on a regular basis – they’re in Hollywood, telling everyone how evil America is – they’re in sports, disrespecting the National Anthem and our country’s flag on a regular basis.

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This is the Democrat Party – a group of wealthy jerks who have milked the US for everything that they need and want, and now, as they sit in their gilded gold cages, they complain and whine about how bad everything is.

You see the utter stupidity in all of this, right? How can you not?


Sports franchises who have gone “woke” and used their platform to trash the country and push a progressive agenda have seen a massive dip in their ratings and support.

Most people, no matter where they land on the political spectrum, can agree they don’t want politics mixed in with their sports – yet, these “activist athletes” don’t care what the fans say – it’s all about them and their hateful PR stunts.

And speaking of hateful stunts – the US Women’s Soccer team just disgraced themselves and the entire country with their latest shameful move.

Several women on the team turned their back away from the US flag as a 92-year-old vet plated the anthem on his harmonica.


I just don’t think you can get any more disgusting than that…but wait, they actually did.

As if that move wasn’t bad enough, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team is now trying to hide that shameful act from you because they don’t want to get backlash or lose viewers…however, they won’t actually stop their players from shaming and disrespecting Americans, they’ll just try and hide it from you.


That’s not gonna cut it, and Richard Grenell is calling them all out – players and the USWNT for this sickening and anti-American behavior.

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Here’s what Richard Grenell said: “Every woman on the Mexican Soccer Team faced the flag & sang the Mexican National anthem. Several women on the U.S. Soccer team turned away from the US flag – while a 92 year old Veteran played the anthem on a harmonica. Why didn’t @USWNT
show the women turning away?”

You can watch the video below:

Americans have a right to know exactly how the people who represent them are behaving.


Dems and all these “woke” teams and companies are now seeing how unpopular this behavior really is with Americans, and instead of standing up to these little commies, and the small, but boisterous woke mob, they’ve decided to just hide it from most of America.

No, sorry, you’re not going to get off that easy – we will put your communist behavior on blast for everyone to see.

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