[VIDEO] You Won't Believe How Many People Lined the Streets of Jupiter Florida Just to Wave at Trump's Motorcade

I imagine that Democrats see this type of stuff and get really, really depressed.

How could they not?

They have a low-energy, confused, establishment globalist candidate who brought out about 6 people in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Biden has no enthusiasm whatsoever.

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As a matter of fact,  I saw this online today – check it out:

A new poll shows that 32% of Dems are voting for Biden because they “like” him…while 73% of Republicans are voting for Trump because they “like him.”


Talk about an enthusiasm gap. Biden will have an issue bringing voters out, mail-in, or not.

And speaking of enthusiasm…

President Trump traveled to Jupiter, Florida today and the crowds of people that were standing on the side of the road to cheer him on were jaw-dropping.

Americans love, and I do mean LOVE their president. He’s a man for the people, and we appreciate how he fights for us and every single American every day, battle after battle.

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He’s more than a “politician” to us. He’s our messenger – he’s delivering hellfire and brimstone to the jerks in D.C. who have stomped on the hardworking middle class their entire career – and yes, Biden is one of those jerks. One of the biggest, actually.

Trump takes all these bullets meant for us, and we love him for it.

You can’t “make up” or “fake” that kind of love and support.

You can watch the video below:

I also saw this and thought ya’ll might get a kick. out of it….Look what Trump is handing out at his rallies:

Ha ha ha!

I love it…Trump supporters are the original (and only) peaceful protesters.


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