[VIDEO] You’d Have to Be Soulless and Brain Dead to Disagree With this Mom’s Powerful “Mask” Speech

If there’s a video that makes you want to actually want to reach through the screen and hug someone, it’s this one!

A mother recently gave a passionate speech to her local school board, begging them to end the mask mandate for young children and allow them to get back any shred of normalcy.


As she points out, the mask isn’t even entirely necessary for these young kids considering that the virus doesn’t pose a huge risk to children.

Her entire speech was just amazing and received quite a few rounds of applause.

Check it out:

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Absolutely incredible right?

Well, needless to say, this video was very well received by conservatives on Twitter:

“Stop forcing medical stuff wearing masks at a surgery room. Germs doesn’t affect doctors, but they have to wear masks for hours. It needs to be stopped.”

“She needs to run.”

“She could probably take Fauci in a brawl, too”

“My kids are the same. They are suffering!! But, school board won’t stop it. They don’t give a crap. It’s in most of the states. They see parents as liability. They don’t care.”

“Absolute hero. I’m glad she got applause”


This woman is a hero and a fighter.

She’s facing down some huge repercussions for this type of message, but she’s meeting them all fearlessly and we commend her for that.

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