[VIDEO] You'll Never See Disney's "It's a Small World" Ride The Same Way Again

I’ll tell you what, the MAGA movement has some of the best and most creative meme-artists around.


And this clip here is one of the best examples of that creativity and talent.

This person, who uses the online handle “PolitiZoid,” has taken progressive Disney, and combined it with today’s “woke” culture, in order to create a damning video meme that has gone mega-viral on most social media platforms – and for good reason. It’s brilliant.

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And trust me, after this, you’ll never see the “It’s a Small World” ride the same way.

In this fascinating clip, the artist changes the Small World ride into a “Woke World” ride – and it’s done so well, and really exposes the lunacy of today’s communist left.

Here are the song’s lyrics – and the imagery that accompanies this lysis is truly amazing:


It’s a world of privilege, in boats that are cramped Welcome to Disney’s re-education camp So if your skin is white It is time you’re contrite It’s a woke world after all It’s a woke world after all It’s a woke, woke world

It’s a world of power, a world of fears And we work long days to make souvenirs Although millions have died And the Uyghurs aside It’s a woke world after all It’s a woke world after all It’s a woke, woke world

There is a land where you once lived free as a capitalist pig of the bourgeoisie We could eat ‘till we’re fat and would vote Democrat If we just get past that wall It’s a woke world after all It’s a woke, woke world We’re all Marxists after all It’s a woke world after all

You can watch the video below:

At one time, a video like this would seem far-fetched and “silly.”

But today, it does not.


Sadly, this is exactly where we’re headed if we don’t stand up as the vast majority – and finally tell all these “woke” companies and politicians to stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

Because right now, we’re allowing a very small percentage of mentally ill people, tell us what to do and how to live our lives.

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