[VIDEO] Young Black Guy Tells Trump-Haters "You Forced Me to Research Politics...You Did This...You Made Me Love Trump" 

A young black guy has a message for the Trump-haters.

He says that for the first few years he believed everyone when they said Trump was racist – mainly because he’s not into politics.

He just took their word for it…

But after a few years of hearing the exact same complaints over and over and over, he got curious about things so he decided to do his own research.

He did his homework and he dove very, very deep, and he says what he found was “life-changing.”

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So much so,  that he told the haters that if it wasn’t for them he would have never researched Trump.

They made him do it….they are the reason that he now loves Trump and will be voting for him in 2020.

What an amazing story!

You can watch the video below:

This story just goes to prove that the non-stop negativity from the left is wearing on everyone…even people who are not into politics.

And it’s also true, that not everyone can be wrong 100% of the time. It does just start looking and sounding like white noise and hate.

I am so happy though that the left’s hate drove this guy to research and discover a “new way of life. ” That makes all their hate and whining worth it, right?


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