[VIDEO] Young, Very Popular and Talented "Next Eminem" Rapper, Raps About Biden's Crappy America 

What’s really shocking to me is how much the younger generation doesn’t like Joe Biden.


The younger folks are the ones who kicked off the “F Joe Biden” chant at college footballs games across the country.

They stood up, loud and proud, and told the world what they thought about this senile elderly buffoon, and it’s thanks to young people that the chant, which we know really bothers Joe, has become a national pastime.

I guess they weren’t part of his so-called “81 million” historic voting base, huh? Who was, I wonder?

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And now, another youngster has stepped forward to call out Joe Biden, and he’s really, really talented.

His name is Samson, and a lot of people are calling him the next “Eminem.”

He’s an internet sensation. 

But there’s one difference between Eminem and Samson – Slim Shady is a flaming liberal, and Samson is not.

As a matter of fact, his new video is all about slamming Joe Biden and his inflated, failing America…but the way he does it is perfect, it won’t alienate people. It’s a spot-on message.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s the full video:

I can’t believe the mullet is back…when did that happen? Yuk.

But I am really happy to see young kids like this speaking out and doing it in such a creative way that will reach other people their age.


I dunno, guys, maybe this generation isn’t lost after all?

We’ve still got some hope.

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