Vox writer says the Constitution is bad

A big ol’ Kinsley Gaffe over at Vox:

Millhiser, a Vox thinker (oxymoron alert) runs through the usual leftist arguments about how the Constitution’s various provisions, which have the effect of preventing people like Millhiser from radically reshaping the country, are anti-democratic. “Hey you guys, have you heard of the Senate, which gives Wyoming as many seats as California?” “No way, dude!”  

You have to chuckle at the accompanying graphic above, which crystallizes the Vox style of making a highly tendentious, controversial, even polemical argument while framing it as a mere commonsense “explainer.” “Why you should give up your house for social justice and live in a cardboard box, explained.” “Why Joe Biden is the greatest orator since Churchill, explained.”

No one says, “I love baseball, except I hate all of its rules.” No one says, “I love my wife, except for the way she is.” America is the Constitution. It’s our Founding document. To the extent it was flawed when enacted, it could be and has been amended. It is the basic law that binds us all together. If you hate the Constitution, you hate America. The Left hates the Constitution. It’s clarifying when they admit this.

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