WAPO Leaks Pelosi's Afghanistan Talking Points and Hangs The Ol' Gal Out To Dry

Joe Biden is going down the tubes and he’s taking everyone in his path with him, including the old gal, Nancy Pelosi.


Joe just went on national TV and did not take responsibility for the disaster that he created with his piss-poor withdrawal plan.

Instead, he wrongly blamed President Trump and the Afghan army for the mess and made it sound like leaving the region was his bright idea.

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Meanwhile, to get 2.500 troops out, Biden just sent another 7,000 into Afghanistan, and all the people who helped us are still stuck there, along with over 200 US reporters.

This is a disaster of epic proportions, a foreign policy move so insanely bad, that you can’t blame anyone else, yet, that’s precisely what Joe just did.

And it looks like he got the idea from that half-drunk madwoman, Nancy Pelosi.

WAPO just leaked out Pelosi’s talking points on the Afghanistan nightmare, and reporter Josh Rogin was not the least bit kind about it either.


 He shared a copy of the talking points, which again, took no responsibility whatsoever for the terrible withdrawal plan that was all Biden’s idea, and instead focussed on Biden’s amazing “leadership” in ending the war.

What planet are these people living on?

This is something President Trump set in motion, and Biden had nothing to do with, except to botch the whole thing and turn it into a complete and utter disaster.

WAPO calls the talking points “not good” and a “facepalm” from Pelosi.


The Democrats are in utter free-fall right now.

And this mess will spill over into other things because how on earth is anyone going to take what they say seriously about COVID and the vaccine when they’ve messed up so royally in other areas?

They’re bumbling idiots, you can’t trust people like this.


And when you lose trust and confidence from the American people, it’s “game over.”

If Biden had any sense, he’d resign right now, and go live out the rest of his days in a Dementia ward, where he belongs.

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