[WATCH] A Whopping 15 Vehicles Roll Through This Biden Car Parade

Good grief…

Just when you thought the Biden campaign couldn’t be any more depressing a video like this comes out.

This video shows a measly fifteen cars rolling through a recent Biden car parade, where as Trump had a reported 30,000 at his most recent one.

Watch the video:


But yet the media still claims Biden is leading in the polls due to Americans supposed “trust” they have in him for COVID-19.

Yeah right…

From ABC News

Joe Biden holds a 17-point lead over Donald Trump in trust to handle the coronavirus pandemic in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, powering the Democrat to a double-digit advantage in vote preference with the presidential election three weeks away.

In the aftermath of his own COVID-19 diagnosis, two-thirds of registered voters say Trump failed to take appropriate precautions against the virus, 62% distrust what he says about it and eight months since its arrival in the United States just 21% say it’s under control.

Also damaging to Trump: 58% disapprove of how he’s handled the pandemic — essentially steady since July — and a new high, 73%, are worried they or an immediate family member might catch the coronavirus (or say it’s already happened). Worry about the virus remains a significant independent predictor of support for Biden over Trump.

The presidential race stands at 53%-41%, Biden-Trump, among registered voters, and a similar 54%-42% among likely voters, with minimal support (in the low single digits) for the Libertarian and Green Party candidates. Biden’s advantage rests on his support among women, racial and ethnic minorities, independents and an unusually wide lead among moderates.

What a crock…

Who believes this junk?

Remember when Hillary was carrying a lead like this back in 2016?

Remember how well that turned out for her…

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