[WATCH] Biden Turns His Back When Confronted by Air Force Vet on Iraq War Vote "My Friends Are Dead Because of Your Policies"

While the left is attacking Trump for a fake story about him insulting our nation’s veterans, Biden is caught on video literally turning his back on them.

Yeah, no anonymous sources here, it’s all on video folks.

This Air Force veteran asked Biden why they should support a man who voted for and enabled the war in Iraq, which killed thousands of his own brothers and sisters.

Biden then shamelessly deflected the question by claiming he’s attacking his son, which the Air Force vet never even brought up.

When the vet tried to speak again, Biden just coldly turned his back and walked away.

Watch the video:

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This is absolutely shameful behavior.

Not only for a former VP and father of a vet but for a man who’s running for Commander in Chief!

Conservatives had some harsh words on Twitter for Biden’s despicable behavior:

“@JoeBiden shamelessly invokes his dead son in order to deflect from this legitimate complaint about his support for the Iraq War.”

“Iran was arming insurgents the whole time and Obiden gave them billions. EFP IEDs kille dour troops and they were made in Iran. Joe knew.”

“This is proof of Biden’s disrespect towards our Veterans rather than nonexistent sources. #TrumpLOVESVeterans #VeteransForTrump #Trump2020”

Just imagine the outrage if Trump were to do something like this on video?

The liberal mob would be burning down buildings as we speak!

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