[WATCH] Black Female Undecided Voters Shock MSNBC When They Expose Their True Feelings About Kamala

Well this video does not look promising for team Biden.

MSNBC recently interviewed three undecided black female voters and boy oh boy, did the conversation not go in the way Kamala or Joe would’ve wanted.


These three woman absolutely shredded Biden for his 1994 crime bill, a horrific law that is still negatively affecting the black community to this day.

The best part was when the MSNBC reporter tried to do some damage control and ask these woman if Kamala Harris being on the ticket helped sway their opinion and the answer was a big resounding NO.

Watch the video:

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So clearly Biden and Kamala aren’t gaining too much ground in the black community, but Trump’s support with black voters just continues to grow, especially among black men:

From Washington Post

Black voters overwhelmingly back the Democratic Party in presidential elections, more than any other group — especially Black women. But while the large majority of Black men are also voting for the vice president to America’s first Black president, some data shows Trump is on track to perform as well — if not better — with Black male voters this year, compared with 2016. Nearly 1 in 5 Black men approve of the job Trump is doing, according to a recent Gallup survey. And about 10 percent of Black men are leaning toward Trump, accordingto the latest Pew Research data.

A couple of recent incidents involving celebrities ignited social media uproars and exacerbated worries over this for Democrats last week; hip-hop artist 50 Cent expressed his support for Trump on social media after realizing that as a multimillionaire, he would be taxed at a much higher rate under a Biden administration than if Trump remained in the Oval Office.

And hip-hop artist Ice Cube raised eyebrows last week when Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser for the Trump campaign, tweeted that the longtime critic of police violence against Black Americans was working with the Trump administration to connect with Black voters. Ice Cube later said he had had conversations with the campaign but denied that he was endorsing Trump, a candidate who has repeatedly defended law enforcement in conversations about police brutality.

The idea that Black voters take their cues from rappers is rooted in stereotypes about entertainers being the most influential voices in the Black community even when it comes to issues of policy and politics. When longtime Trump supporter Kanye West launched his own presidential bid, some feared that the hip-hop artist would take Black votes from Biden. That hasn’t come close to happening, polls show. And that might not happen with Ice Cube or 50 Cent.

Well we of course know that it’s more than just rappers like 50 cent and Ice Cube driving black voters.

It’s his record low unemployment numbers in the black community, commuting sentencing and working on real solutions to enrich the community.

But the media loves to paint the public as simpletons who listen to celebrities for their political advice.

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