[WATCH] BLM Protesters Viciously Attack Black Store Manager After Mobbing His McDonalds

It seriously doesn’t matter who you are…

If you don’t comply 100% with the Black Lives Matter movement, then you are labeled as an enemy and treated as such.

Case in point: this manager at a McDonalds in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, was assaulted by BLM protesters after he demanded they leave the store.

Watch the video:

So apparently black lives matter, but black-run businesses don’t?

Clearly, these protesters only care about making a scene and getting attention, not inflicting any real change in the black community.

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Twitter users had some spot-on responses to this blatant show of harassment:

“These people do not belong in free society. Ever. Put them away and lock the door forever.”

“Last year these same people were protesting to pay these employees $15 an hour and now they’re harassing them as they work their minimum wage job.”

“These people are sick! So the store manager’s life doesn’t matter to BLM? These leftists are out of control. Hatred, intimidation and evil.”

“Because to them, black lives don’t really matter. Hence Chicago.”

These types of displays are really getting out of control and if you look at the polls, it appears American’s are becoming fed up with BLM and their extreme ways:

From Politico

The dip in support for Black Lives Matter, reflected across multiple polls in recent weeks, doesn’t come as a surprise to activists nor Democratic pollsters who expected Republican backlash to the movement’s newfound support. Favorability for Black Lives Matter dropped from 61 percent support in June to 52 percent now, according to the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted Friday through Sunday.

When is it going to dawn on these people that Americans are sick and tired of seeing this junk?

It’ll probably start to sink in when Trump wins his second term in November.

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