WATCH: Dan Scavino Just Dropped a Cryptic 13-Second Video That Looks Like an "Ominous Message" to the GOP

Did Trump’s loyal aide Dan Sscavino just drop a major hint about what’s to come?


That’s what it looks like, and the GOP should probably be very worried.

As you know, the “lion” is the symbol for President Trump and the MAGA movement, so when Dan tweeted out a 13-second video of a pack of lions drinking water and staring into the camera like they were ready to pounce, most people figured that it was a message to the GOP.

As you also know, the GOP has completely abandoned President Trump and us – their voters – when we needed them the most.

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They’ve sat back with a totally “meh” type attitude while Trump and “we the people” have our voices silenced.

So, this video definitely looks and feels like a powerful message to the GOP that says “MAGA is watching and is ready to take you down.”

You can watch the video below:

I have said this before, and I will keep saying it…The Dems would not be able to pull off any attempted steal without the help and support of the GOP, DOJ, and Fox News.

They needed all three of them during the critical aftermath, in order to stop investigations, suppress information, and keep all the bad guys protected.


I think you’d agree with me that all three of those things have happened.

The GOP wanted to get rid of President Trump as much or more than the Dems, and those traitors (along with Fox News) deserve what’s coming to them.


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