Watch: Dan Scavino Shared Four Very Mysterious "Hidden Meaning" Videos Today...

We know how Dan Scavino is…He’s always saying one thing without actually uttering the words.


You know what I mean…he’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and today, he really upped the ante.

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Once again, Dan is sharing clandestine videos that say a lot more about President Trump and what’s going on, than he’ll fess up to.

Dan loves to keep us guessing and talking.

So, without further ado, here are the fou latest “mystery videos” that Dan shared, in order — and I think you’ll see a definite “theme” here.


First, we have a series of football players maneuvering through all their “on filed” enemies and making insane, game-winning plays.

Next, we have a big giant whale, sneaking up to a clueless boat…The people on the boat don’t see the whale coming right away, but then all of a sudden, he shoots a gush of water through his blowhole and you know they see him now…

Next, we have a stealth fighter jet taking off in an epic cloud of fire and smoke and maneuvering through the air acrobatically, and with perfect precision.

And finally, he ended the “mystery video tour” with this clip, which needs no introduction, just watch and enjoy.

I think it’s pretty easy to see that Dan is telling us President Trump is coming back – but not just “coming back…” He’s doing it with a vengeance.

And nobody would know better than Dan, who is President Trump’s right-hand man.


President Tump’s army of 75+ million warriors are ready and waiting to cheer him back to victory.



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