WATCH: Disturbing Viral Video of Travis Scott Resurfaces And Could Mean Big Trouble For Him

A blast from the past has resurfaced and it could spell terrible “legal” news for rapper Travis Scott. Scott, as you likely know by now, is in the center of a massive controversy over 8 deaths and several injuries at the Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, where he was performing. Many people are blaming Travis for the deaths, by claiming if he would’ve stopped “singing” fewer people would have died.  He claims he didn’t know what was going on, but some find that very hard to believe.


And now, this new video just surfaced, where Travis stops an entire concert when a fan tried to steal his shoe.

Yes, his SHOE.

And not only that, he spits on the guy and asks the crowd to go after the “shoe thief” and “f**k him up.”

That’s very irresponsible. He could’ve incited a riot and got that person killed.

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But the truly baffling thing is he doesn’t notice ambulances, first responders, people screaming at him to stop, and dead people on the ground?

Many people find this hard to believe and this newly uncovered video doesn’t help his case.



Here’s what people online had to say

“I hope this is the year we all finally realize that politicians, corporations, and celebrities don’t care about the average person. ?”

“Absolutely disgusting behavior. I think someone needs to take some classes for anger.”

“This is the type of man you all are following? Wow!!! Some people will follow anyone who has money and fame.”

“how would this have been viewed if a white country star kicked out a black fan trying to steal part of his wardrobe? #violence is never acceptable.”

“annnnd we call this entertainment? wow”

“Celebrities don’t give a hoot about u all..u pay for those tickets they get rich from that…and they go home to eat pizza when it’s over…I wouldn’t even think of paying a dime to that piece of dirt..”

Should they hold Travis Scott liable for what happened while he was performing?

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