[WATCH] Fox News Panel Desperately Tries to Shut Down Newt When He Ties the Rising Protest Violence to Soros

Here we have even more evidence that Fox News is joining the left-wing media’s disinformation campaign.

During an appearance on Fox News, Newt Gingrich brought up a brilliant point when he stated that in these cities that are being ravaged by “peaceful protesters,” they are completely overrun by far-left District Attorney’s, whom George Soros has used his own money to help elect.

Fox co-host Melissa Frances quickly cut into Newt, stating that Soros doesn’t need to be apart of this conversation and desperately tried to shift towards another subject.

When Newt said that Soros’s money being used in DA races are indeed “the facts,” ultra-liberal Marie Harf cut him off, stating that she agrees with Melissa, Soros has “nothing to do with this.”

This is absolutely bizarre behavior, folks.

Watch the video:

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Fox has clearly been compromised, which many of the comments on this video seemed to echo:

“Newt kicking their butts. FOX owned by liberal Murdoch family.”

“They are scared of Soros. I’m amazed Soros hasn’t bought Fox News yet The blond is a demoncrat Most annoying voice”

“NYT is openly admitting Soros funding the riots, why can’t Fox? Fox has been compromised.”

“Fox News is controlled opposition.”

“Sounds like Some Fox hosts have been threatened with off limits material. Talk about Soros and tell the truth… your fired”

I mean, why can’t we bring Soros into this?

As Newt said, it’s a well-documented fact that Soros is involved in these elections, which have consequently led to District Attorney’s that are allowing protesters to run amock and destroy these American cities.

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