[WATCH] Greg Gutfeld Issues a Bone Chilling Warning on What Could Happen if Trump Wins in November

Now, this is a theory we would have all laughed at and brushed aside during the 2016 election, but given the sheer violence the left has been proven capable of, this idea doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

During Thursday’s segment of The Five, Greg Gutfeld actually stated that he hopes Democrats not only win back the House and the Senate, but also the presidency, simply because he doesn’t want to be “killed.”

Gutfeld went on to explain that he believes if Trump wins the election in November, conservatives will face a rebellion we’ve never seen before.

Gutfeld stated that he’s been told there will be “blood everywhere. There will be riots, there will be demonstrations,” and that conservatives like him will be targeted for retribution.

Watch the video:

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From Washington Examiner

“Because if Biden loses, I’m being told that there will be blood everywhere. There will be riots, there will be demonstrations. People like me will be targeted ’cause we have to understand, we have to understand and predict these consequences in reality. I’m not joking,” he said. “The Dems and the media have portrayed this election as good versus evil. It’s actually been said that way on this show, which means that if Trump wins … it’s almost required that the good take to the streets and punish the evil.”

He urged politicians and members of the media to work together to ensure there won’t be mass violence if the president wins reelection.

“The media and our leaders have to come together and discuss a way to diffuse this situation because we’ve only got 50 days,” Gutfeld continued. “We’ve been using demonic language to marginalize half the country. And they’re going to get hurt if Trump wins. I will put my life savings on that. We have to start thinking about that now.”

He’s right, the media has taken a country that’s been dividing for decades and has pitted us against each other in a virtual civil war.

While thankfully our nation’s divide hasn’t come to a full-blown war on a “battlefield,” there’s always that disturbing chance that something close to it might arise.

We need to all pray for this country and find a way to come together.

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