[WATCH] Jake Tapper Suffers a Major Meltdown and Cuts Interview Short When Trump Spox Lists Biden’s Horrible Track Record With the Black Community

Well folks, Jake Tapper has officially lost his mind.

During a fiery interview with Trump’s 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh, Tapper lost his cool when Murtaugh started list Biden’s horrific track record with the black community.

Tapper really lost it when Murtaugh brought up Biden stating that “all black people think the same” and his famous line of “you ain’t black” if, as a black person, you refuse to vote for him.

Tapper shot back at Murtaugh, declaring he wasn’t “Chris Wallace” and cut the interview abruptly off.

What a whack job!

Watch the video:

***Related commentary starts around the 5:00 mark***

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] ‘Trump Broke You Guys’ – Cruz Leaves Cuomo in Shock When He Exposes CNN’s Downward Spiral

Ted Cruz recently told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “Trump broke you guys” when Cuomo flew off the handle while discussing also discussing Trump’s condemnation of white supremacy.

What’s really strange is that Trump has repeatedly denounced “white supremacists,” yet the liberal media still loves to use this as a talking point.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany brilliantly shredded the media on this matter today:

From Fox News

McEnany, during a heated White House press briefing on Thursday, called the news coverage of the president’s comments “shameful” and claimed the media “refuses” to cover his response.

“The president has denounced white supremacy, the KKK, hate groups of all forms, he signed a resolution—just last week, he expressed his desire to see the KKK prosecuted as domestic terrorists,” McEnany said.

“His record on this is unmistakable and it is shameful the media refuses to cover it,” McEnany said.

McEnany said the president has “continuously condemned” white supremacy.

“His record is not mixed in the slightest,” McEnany said.

I mean he’s condemned it on countless occasions, what more do these people want?

At this point it’s clear that they only want to push this lie as a desperate attempt to lower his approval.

It’s painfully obvious.

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