[WATCH] James Woods Posts a Video Exposing Michelle Obama’s Unbelievable Hypocrisy

Well, Michelle Obama is gonna hate this…

She recently released a video of her lambasting conservatives for trying to portray groups like BLM as violent, claiming that only a small portion of these demonstrations have been violent.

But James Woods just painted Michelle like the ultimate fool by rolling footage behind her showing the absolute destruction being cause by BLM across the nation.

Watch the video:


Twitter users also piled on Michelle’s unbelievable hypocrisy:

“ live in the city of Chicago. If anyone has seen the hipocracy of the Obama’s it’s this video. While she reclines at her Martha’s Vineyard estate.”

“Michael sure has some balks, downplaying the lawlessness permitting ed in BLUE run cities. #VoteRED2020RemoveEveryDemocrat”

“Hilarious. She says “it’s true, research backs it up”, like that means something. Recently Biden said on CNN, “all the people would still be alive, I’m not making this up” How do they say this shit without cracking up? Amazing.”

“Michael is the racist, not Trump.”

“Michelle has been oppressed with a never ending amount of comfort, money, fame, and most importantly, privilege.”

“Doublethink is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to accept a clearly false statement as the truth, or to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one’s own memories or sense of reality.”

Michelle really needs to come down to earth and see what’s really going on.

She’s obviously been spending too much time on vacation to notice that tons of major cities in America are being destroyed by these radical groups.

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