[WATCH] Jerry Nadler Appears Very Unwell and Unable to Walk as He Awkwardly and Slowly Hobbles Off Stage

Looks like we have yet another ancient member of the Democrat party who’s showing some serious signs of aging.

In this video, Jerry Nadler is seen awkwardly hobbling off stage during Pelosi’s press briefing.

He’s bouncing back and forth so much that he’s starting to look like Humpty Dumpty.

Watch the video:

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Users on Twitter had some pretty hilarious comments for Nadler’s sloppy display:

“Old Nad has got a few more fake impeachments in him.”

“They need to put Biden next to him. He’ll look normal.”

“At least it’s time for his pants to retire.”

“Did he just take a swig of Nan’s ‘water’?”

“What is wrong with the Dems…it’s like their all plagued with one malady or another.”

“Yes and Jerry Nadler should take Nancy Pelosi, James Clyburn and Maxine Waters with him! Time for 80 year olds to retire!”

“He just need a diaper change”

This guy seriously does need to retire, as well as a bunch of other Dems.

What’s going on with this party?

Between him, Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Joe Biden, it looks like the Democrat party is being run by a bunch of old folks from an assisted living.

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