[WATCH] Joe Biden Says ‘I’m Sorry’ as His Wife Pulls Him Away From Reporters

This is a very curious video…

While speaking with reporters, Biden was randomly yanked back from them by his wife Jill.

Biden then said he was sorry to the reporters and finished up what he was saying about debating Trump.

It’s hard to tell if Jill was yanking him back due to “social distancing,” although he didn’t seem an entire 6 feet away from one reporter in sight, or if she just enjoys treating him like an incoherent puppet.

Or if she didn’t want him talking to reporters period.

Watch the video:


The overall opinion on Twitter is that this is less about COVID and more about Jill controlling her husband like a marionette.

“Lol wow dude cannot even think for himself ??”

“Conveniently, today, the CDC suddenly says that the virus is airborne and 6ft isn’t enough…”

“His care taker Jill”

“Is she just gonna run the country then?”

“ just like how she pulls him back… and then goes walking away like she doesn’t even want to be there anymore…”

”It’s also showing he doesn’t know appropriate spacing & isn’t self aware”

“Looks like Jill is in charge, not Biden.”

“Well yes. She’s the puppet master.”

What do you think Jill was trying to do?

Please let us know in the comments!

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