[WATCH] Joni Ernst Leaves Her Opponent Rattled When She Shreds Her Entire Campaign in Only 51 Seconds

Dang, Joni Ernst is a complete gangster.

During a debate with her Democrat opponent Theresa Greenfield, Ernst blasted her opponent with an argument of the century and all in a mere 51 seconds.

Greenfield stood there awkwardly smiling and could only manage to squeak out that Ernst was a “liar.”

Watch the video:



I mean, Joni Ernst has gotta be one of the best debaters of all time to get all those damming facts out in that short period of time.

Twitter users also agreed that Ernst should go down in the record books for this takedown:

“You could see the GULP.”

“Wow I don’t know much about this race, but that had to hurt”

“If I had a record/history like that, documented, I wouldn’t go in front of a camera for a debate. But, these are different types of people.”

“Well that was uncomfortable for the person on the left.”

“Damn. Joni can DEAL.”

Ernst’s seat is something Democrats are targeting big time for the upcoming election.

But considering this fraud is the best they can put forward, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Joni to keep her seat.

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