[WATCH] Kamala and Barack's Latest Pandering Video is Proof Dems Have Hit Rock Bottom

It’s pretty clear at this point that Democrats will do ANYTHING to gain voters.

And I mean anything

They’ll even drag out Barack Obama and pair him up with Kamala Harris in a sad effort to gain votes.

This video, which is entitled “So tell me about Joe,” Kamala and Barack are desperately trying to come off as likable, genuine people by swapping stories about Biden enjoying pasta and aviator sunglasses.

Watch the video:

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The entire thing is just so cringeworthy and un-authentic.

It’s shocking that anyone could actually believe one word coming out of their mouths.

But of course, the majority of comments on this video are liberal dimwits loving how “wholesome” and “articulate” these two phonies are.

Although some of these commenters issue some wonderfully scathing remarks:

“I would love to see Obama and Biden reflect on their decision to get the United States involved in the Lybian and Syrian civil wars. How about that refugee and migrant crisis that they helped create? We need more of that kind of leadership right? Maybe the media will ask Joe on the campaign trail?”

“Good thing someone speaks for Joe. He sure can’t speak for himself.”

“Kamala lock up innocent people, kept innocent people behind bars and slept her way into her job.”

“Aww, 2 of the phoniest people putting the phony full on display. Timeless 🙂 !!”

“Mary j bilge … ok sis keep pandering girl”

It’s a performance, a nice one but just a performance Obama needs to be called before Congress to explain why he ordered the FBI to spy on Trump & Co from all accounts it was illegal, some would say it was treason”

These two really are big gigantic phonies.

It’s pathetic that Democrats think dragging these two out to have a highly edited and stage conversation about Joe Biden would actually make an impact.

They’re so clueless.

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