Watch: Kirstie Allie Shocked by What She Sees in Newly Uncovered 2015 Video Clip

A newly uncovered video of Joe Biden and an 8-year-old girl has shocked actress Kirstie Allie, who retweeted a clip with the caption: “Wth?” Which stands for “What the hell.”


The video is reportedly from 2015 and took place during a swearing-in ceremony for senators.

There is a CSPAN 2 banner over the video below and you can see Mr. Biden place his hand over a young girl’s chest.


According to the Youtube channel that posted it, the young girl in the video is Maria Piacesi and she would have been around 8-years-old at the time.

Here’s what they said:

On January 3rd, 2015, then vice president Joe Biden presides over a senatorial swearing-in ceremony, and appear to squeeze the chest of Maria Piacesi (then about 8 years old), the daughter of Montana Senator Steve Daines’s sister Christine and her husband Rob Piacesi.

No man should have his hands anywhere near a young girl’s chest, period.


Here’s the video Kirstie shared with her “wth” caption.


If you watch the entire Youtube video above it does not appear to be doctored.


Joe Biden has a long-standing reputation (on video) of making young women look very uncomfortable:

Biden’s wife claims that he’s very “touchy/feely” and doesn’t mean it in a “bad way.”

Just speaking as a mother, I can tell you right now if any man touched my daughter that way, he’d be facing criminal charges.

But that’s just me…

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