[WATCH] Lady Gaga Awkwardly Tries to Appeal to Middle America With the Most Cringeworthy Biden Endorsement Ever

Well it looks like the left is pulling out the big guns with endorsements folks.

This time they’re whipping out Lady Gaga, but not just your run of the mill Gaga, but “Middle American Gaga.”

In this cringworthy video, the singer is seen wearing a camp outfit and leaning against truck, stating that she’s voting for America.


Yeah, Lady friggen’ Gaga is really going to appeal to hard-working, rural Americans.

Give me a break…

Watch the video:

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Users on Twitter gave Lady Gaga some pretty hilarious feedback for this pathetic video:

“This was an abomination. You were about as likable as a wet blanket on a cold winter’s night.”

“This is horrid.”

“Sorry lady gaga but Patriots don’t vote for communists.”


“I voted Trump.

Sorry, not sorry”

“Voting Trump baby all the way!

‘I was born this way.’”

“You create cultural cow manure.”

This seriously could’ve been the most pathetic attempt to not only gain voters, but appeal to average Americans.

Sorry libs, but you could’ve chosen anyone but a multimillionaire singer from New York.

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