[WATCH] Liberal Protester Promptly Gets Knocked to the Pavement After Vandalizing Cars During a Trump Parade in Vegas

This is a video that you’re probably going to watch on repeat.

During a Trump car parade in Vegas, a liberal protester thought it would be a good idea to start vandalizing cars…it turns out he (or she) was dead wrong.

After punching and defacing a truck, the owner of the vehicle gets out and promptly knocks the protester to the ground.

And I mean, he sends him (or her) FLYING.

Watch the video:


That’s a pretty impressive hit right?

But seriously…is that a man or a woman?

Users on Twitter were also pretty perplexed on the gender and also had some hilarious reactions to this protesters stupidity:

“Nice crop shirt, bro. 👌🏻”

“Eats pavement!”

“Lol is it wrong I enjoyed watching that over and over”

“On a 1-10 scale my day was a 4. After I watched this 20 times it is a 9.5.”

“Patriot played him some football back in the day”

“8 on the landing. He rolled over just a little too much. 🥈”

“Thuggy Mike learned when he’s not online, his make-believe thug life had hard hitting consequences. 😴”

Here’s the sports style commentary on this epic hit as well:

This guy (or girl) really thought they were a bad ass before that hit.

It almost makes you feel bad for them…almost.

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