[WATCH] Reckless Protester is Sent Flying Through the Air When He Jumps on Top of a Moving Police Car

These liberal protesters don’t seem to have one ounce of common sense these days…

At a protest in Sacramento, California today, a group formed around a cop car, who appeared to be desperate to get through the crowd.

During the scuffle, a male protester latched on to the hood of the police car but was violently thrown off, when the vehicle started accelerating.

What the heck did he think would happen?!

Watch the video:

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After this doofus is thrown from the vehicle, you can hear his fellow protesters screaming in outrage, stating that the cop “ran him over.”


This braindead moron jumped onto a cop car and latched himself onto it until it began moving.

The comments on this were just as hilarious as the video itself:

“Being stupid should hurt.” – John Wayne

This is what happens when you climb on cars.

I love how these idiots feign shock and outrage after one of them gets hurt doing something really stupid.

I hope the car is okay

They need to arrest the proterster so he can pay for the broken windshield and siren

These people are a bunch of idiots.

But this is the mentality: no matter what you or someone else might’ve done wrong, it’s always the police’s fault.

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