[WATCH] Self-Proclaimed "Queen" is Arrested on Plane After Going Off on a Crazed Racist, COVID Tirade

This viral video shows a self-described “queen” who was arrested for refusing to move when blocking the aisle on a Spirit Airlines flight.

When the flight attendant tried to ask her to move, the woman became belligerent with her and any other white person who dare speak with her, claiming they were using “white privilege” over her, which she also claims is non-existent in 2020.

That’s a real oxymoron, eh?

After her white privilege rant, she went on to claim that white people are just mad that they can’t procreate like African Americans and that the coronavirus is God’s way of punishing Caucasians.

What an absolute loon.

Watch the video:

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The comments on this video are just as hilarious as watching it!

“You going to jail now… Talk about racism. That’s literally the definition. I also believe that this is the first time Spirit Airlines has had a plane taken hostage.”

“Your highness travelling in economy class? Wow a cheap member of the royalty? Times have changed, wakanda for ever!”

“I hope she gets the help she needs. She has an issue with white people”

“That woman is really a bit crazy on everything.. God and Science . she do not understand none of it…”

“This is what BLM does to people…”

This is the entitled mentality that groups like Black Lives Matter are pushing.

It’s now okay to yell obscenities at white people.

They’re the enemy.

It’s also okay to beat them, demean them, and demand they give up their basic rights.

This is the America that they want to create, folks.

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