Watch: Shocking Video From Neighbors Camera Sheds New Light on Shooting of 16-Year-Old

The 16-year-old teen who was shot and killed after she tried to stab a young woman has sparked more controversy.


The BLM crowd is angry at the police officer for shooting the teen, who, according to neighbors was about to “kill” her young victim.

A strange debate has started in this county, where BLM activists, politicians, and celebrities are suggesting these sorts of “knife fights” are normal and police shouldn’t interfere.


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First off, it’s not a “knife fight” when only one person has a knife. That’s called a “stabbing,” and second off, someone in the neighborhood was obviously scared enough that they called the police, and thirdly, nowhere on earth should it be “okay” and “normal” to a knife fight…and if it is, then that’s a problem that should be addressed immediately.

And to make matters even more intense surrounding this case, new video has come out from a different angle – it’s from the neighbor’s house, and you can see much more clearly how angry/violent the 16-year-old teen was, as she charged at the girl, screaming “Imma stab the f**k outta you, b*tch!”


Warning graphic:

This county has lost its dang mind if they’re going to try and defend a crazed stabber.


I understand that it’s always sad to see a young person loses their life, but my God, the poor young girl in pink was very close to losing hers and the officer had a split-second to react.



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