[WATCH] The Left Was Already Sweating Bullets Over Trump’s Hispanic Support and This Video Will Send Them Over the Edge

President Trump’s support in the Hispanic community just keeps growing and growing.

And the left is having an absolute meltdown over it.

Here’s a snippet from a New York Times article where they’re hitting the panic switch over Trump’s growing Hispanic support:

From The New York Times

In the 2016 campaign, 28 percent of Hispanics voted for Mr. Trump, despite his openly racist language, saying Mexico was sending rapists to the United States. Polls now suggest that he has not just largely maintained his support among Hispanics nationwide; it has actually increased in key states.

In Florida, an NBC News/Marist poll shows Mr. Trump leading Joe Biden among Hispanic voters, 50 percent to 46 percent, which could put the state in a virtual tie. In Texas, nearly 38 percent of Hispanics say they support Mr. Trump, while in Arizona, 29 percent do, according to recent polls. As with other demographic groups, Hispanic men are more likely than women to support Mr. Trump, with nearly 46 percent of Hispanic men in Texas and 42 percent of young Hispanic men in Arizona supporting him.

We tend to think of Hispanics as a nonwhite minority group, but many don’t necessarily think of themselves in such terms. What’s more, growing numbers of Hispanics are Protestant or evangelical Christians, a group that, like their non-Hispanic coreligionists, is far more inclined toward Mr. Trump. In Texas, for example, Hispanic Protestants support him over Joe Biden by almost two to one, according to the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation.

But perhaps more than because of racial or religious affiliation, some Hispanic voters may gravitate toward Mr. Trump because they think he will be better on the economy. Like most American voters, Hispanics rate the economy as the No. 1 issue in the election, at 80 percent according to a recent Pew Research survey. While they are more likely than Americans in general to rate income inequality as a major issue, fewer Hispanic men than women do, and income inequality and immigration rank below health care and the coronavirus outbreak as top voting issues.


Well if those facts and figures have Dems worried, than this video showing a group of Cuban Americans singing for Trump will surely have them shaking in their boots!

Watch the video:

Isn’t that video amazing?!

Despite the media’s constant lies that Trump is racist, his popularity amongst Hispanic and black voters just keeps rising.

That’s because people are smart enough to see past the media’s lies and instead see the positive results Trump is making in this country.

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