[WATCH] These Videos Show the Shocking Differences Between Trump and Biden's Rallies One Hour Before Showtime

Trump’s loyal advisor Dan Scavino shared an amazing video of the massive crowd outside of Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania just an hour before the event.

The line of supporters just goes on for miles!

Watch the video:

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Meanwhile, at Biden’s rally in Pennsylvania last week, the sound of cheers was replaced by rustling leaves and tumbleweeds as there was barely ANYONE there.

The reactions to these two opposing rallies on Twitter were quite hilarious:

“Biden is bringing in by the 1’s”

“Crickets for Hiden Biden”

“Look at the enthusiasm for Trump & he’s lower than Biden in the polls! Biden couldn’t get half that crowd if he was giving out free food! The people of America are smart resilient patriotic people of all races, they know a con job when they see & hear it!”

You seriously can’t argue with the stark difference between these two events.

It’s like 2016 all over again…

Trump is filling up stadiums, while Hillary couldn’t even fill a high school gymnasium.

And Dems still want to claim that Biden is ahead in the polls, just like they did with Hillary.

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