[WATCH] This 'Latino's For Biden' Car Parade in Vegas is the Saddest Thing You'll Ever See

Day by day, the Biden campaign just keeps getting harder and harder to watch.

The “Latino’s for Biden” group held a car parade in Vegas and let me tell you, it’s going to be the saddest thing you’ll watch all week.

This car parade looks less like a joyous event for a campaigning president and more like a parking lot at Blockbuster.

Watch the video:

And this is a video of Trump’s turnout in Nevada:

Now does this really look like something you would see for a man who’s apparently leading in national polls?

Of course not.

But apparently his lead is going to work out much better for him than it did for Hillary…

From Five Thirty Eight

But some people have dismissed Biden’s lead by pointing out that Hillary Clinton also led in most polls of the 2016 election (Clinton, obviously, ended up losing to Trump). While this is true, Clinton’s lead was much smaller. Applying our current polling-average methodology to 2016 polls, Clinton led national polls by an average of about 4.0 points four months before the 2016 election, and 3.8 points on Election Day itself. So while a normal-sized polling error was enough to throw the 2016 election to Trump, it would take a much bigger — and much unlikelier — polling error for Trump to be ahead right now.

Of course, Trump became president because he won the Electoral College despite losing the national popular vote. But if Biden wins the popular vote by 9.6 points, his current lead, Trump would be extremely unlikely to pull off the same trick. In our state-by-state polling averages, Biden currently leads in states worth 368 electoral votes, far more than the 270 needed to win.

Yeah, dream on lefties!

Biden’s campaign is a fraction at what Hillary had going in 2016, not to mention she could form a complete sentence.

The Dems are gonna lose so bad in November that they’re not going to know what hit them.

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