[WATCH] Tom Cotton Just Left This Lefty Journo Stunned and Speechless With Best "Mic Drop" Ever

Tom Cotton just absolutely annihilated a reporter who was desperately trying to cover for Hunter Biden.

I mean this reporter was trying to discredit the Hunter laptop scandal in every which way, claiming it couldn’t be “corroborated.”


Then he asked Cotton why the media would feel comfortable covering a story that couldn’t be verified.

Cotton simply answering by pointing out that they had no problems coving the completely discredited “dossier” and Russia collusion scandal.


Well said Tom!

Watch the video:

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And he’s 100% right as the entire dossier that the media gave wall to wall coverage on couldn’t be corroborated and has since been completely disproven.

From The Wall Street Journal

After nearly two years, hundreds of interviews and dozens of indictments, Mr. Mueller appears to have called into question those assertions, finding no evidence Russia possessed a tape of Mr. Trump watching prostitutes perform lewd acts in a Moscow hotel.

It didn’t show that Russian authorities had been cultivating Mr. Trump for at least five years as part of an operation directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It also appears to have debunked the report’s claim that Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former personal attorney, clandestinely met with Kremlin officials in Prague to coordinate hacking with Russian officials.

Some portions of the dossier have been validated. U.S. intelligence agencies concluded more than two years ago that Russia had sought to help Mr. Trump win the White House and denigrate his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as the dossier asserts.

People like this reporter have no right to call themselves “journalistic” in any way.

This is why American’s hate our media.

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