[WATCH] Tucker Drops Another Video That Exposes Cuomo's Shocking Involvement in Stormy Daniels Saga

CNN could be one of the dirtiest networks out there.

Yesterday we learned from Fox’s Tucker Carlson that CNN chief Jeff Zucker was cozying up to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

On his show tonight, Tucker dropped damning new audio of CNN chief Jeff Zucker having an extensive conversation with Trump’s former scumbag lawyer Michael Cohen during the 2016 election.

What Zucker says to Cohen is absolutely mind-boggling.

Zucker actually compliments Trump, proposes doing a weekly show with him on CNN, and even gives personal advice on his campaign.

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Now Tucker is dropping another huge bomb on CNN by exposing a conversation host Chris Cuomo has with Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen back in 2018.

During this discussion, Cuomo is giving some intense advice to Cohen on how the Trump team needs to combat the claims made against the president by Stormy Daniels.

Cuomo actually goes as far as giving Cohen an example script on a live interview that hasn’t even taken place yet.

Then Cuomo really goes above and beyond and offers to make a “call” on this matter.

Watch the video:

This is absolutely nuts.

Why are these CNN big wigs making such an effort to “help” out Cohen and Trump?

Something very fishy is going on here…

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