WATCH: Video of Dancing Medical Pros Ignites Fury in Americans

I’m sorry, but we’re being told how dire and dark the COVID situation is (even though we have a vaccine now).


Americans are losing their businesses all across the country over a virus with a 99.8+ survival rate, and we’re told it’s only going to get worse – and how medical workers are going crazy and are overwhelmed with patients and all sorts of death and mayhem.

This is what we’re told day in and day out by the media, and globalist fearmongers like Joe Biden.

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But just like a year ago, the actions of people don’t match the fearful words that we’re being told.

And just like last year when COVID first broke, the medical “dance videos” have made a cringe-worthy comeback.

That’s right, the people overwhelmed by patients and death are back on the dance floor making choreographed videos, complete with cute little costumes — and Americans are livid.

You can watch the video below:

We’re watching people lose everything — perhaps this isn’t the best time to be dancing and having so much fun, especially when we’re told how “dark” everything supposedly is?

Here’s what some people are saying:

“I’m a Nurse and we barely had time to pee or eat much less make a video !!!!”

“Good thing this ain’t in a church, that would have been dangerous! I guess when some pace that you work is just overwhelmed, the best response is to spend time practicing a dance routine for a few days to make a video.”

“Overwhelmed and overrun, but still time to choreograph and practice the routine. What about all the Covid patients? Every bed is full, right?”

“how come there is no social distancing?”

“I cannot stand them either.. I am a nurse and think this shit is stupid and so tired of people thinking they are a hero for doing their damn jobs.. it is self glory… stupid and embarrassing”

“Demonic possession as well as being terribly choreographed.”

“So much for patient care… but maybe they don’t have any…”

I think it might be time for these wannabe dancers to hang up their shoes and find other, less offensive, and narcissistic ways to “blow off steam.”


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