Watch: Video of Kamala Approaching This Crowd of Women Has Left People Baffled

I saw this clip, and I knew I had to get it to you. I know it’s not something “crazy” that you’ve never seen before, but it’s just the most absurd and clownish example of hypocrisy that I thought you needed to see it. Because in the era of Biden/Harris, with all the buffoonery and secrecy and just downright frauds happening right before our eyes, nothing is really as it seems, is it? And that goes double for COVID.  And that’s what this video is about…The pandemic that the left seems to have a love affair with.


Kamala Harris, or The Cackler ™️ as you may call her, was greeting a group of women.

Okay, there’s nothing too weird about that, right? So far so good…but don’t worry, it gets absurd in a second.

As Kamala is approaching the group – the woman who is TRIPPLE vaccinated is all masked up. Why? Well, who the hell knows, at this point I think Dems literally love their face masks and wish they could weld them to their faces.

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So, as Kamala bee-bops over to the group, triple vaxxed, masked, and ready to party, she does something completely baffling…

She RIPS off the mask right as she gets close to the group.

That’s right, masked alone, unmasked with a group… all while vaccinated THREE times.

Makes perfect sense, right?


You can watch the video below:

I can’t believe that these people can’t yet figure out why Americans are confused by their actions and don’t believe the “science” or the so-called experts.

Nothing that they do makes any sense.

Oh, and speaking of those useless “experts” like Dr. Fauci, have you seen this map?


Everything Fauci has told us is wrong, and most of it is likely a lie, to boot.

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