Watch What Happens to the "White House Feed" When Joe Says He'll Take Questions

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Joe Biden hasn’t held a presser.


As a matter of fact, Biden has gotten a lot of criticism for it.

He’s back to being “basement Joe.”

The few times that the media has shouted out questions, Joe has either shuffled off or delivered a smart alec response that has nothing to do with actually responding to the question.

The American people have been left in the dark.

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So, today when he holding some “virtual” chat, and he said he was happy to take questions, the American people finally thought they were going to see him respond to everything that’s going on right now in the country – from the border to Syria to COVID, and then some.

However, the moment Joe said the words, “I’m happy to take questions,” the White House feed was cut.


You can watch the videos below:

Can you believe this?

Here are some of the comments from people who watched the clip.

“Jesus christ… just spit in our faces already”

“Bed time Joe sleep tight”

“lmao ppl voted for this?”

What is going on? This can’t be real. Who is he talking to? Whatever you want me to do?

“Wonder how much longer they can keep up this rendition of a weekend at bidens.”

“The is actually becoming outrageous”


“The GONG show continues in the glorious USofA!”

“There’s no chance in hell that man won an election”

“Oh man, I just took care of my Mom during her last days and so much of this is familiar. When we’d go out in public and she was unsure of herself she was continually asking me, “Am I doing it right?”


None of this feels real.

It’s like the entire country is living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.


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