[WATCH] Young Trump Supporter Bravely Turns the Other Cheek as He’s Terrorized and Spit on For MAGA Hat

Looks like we have yet Trump supporter who’s being assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat.

This time it’s a young man in what appears to be his high school getting mercilessly bullied by one of his female peers for wearing his MAGA hat.

The enraged young woman spits on him a few times, while yelling explatives at him and daring him to hit her back.

But this young man was raised right and states he doesn’t hit woman.

Watch the video:


Now most people would’ve clocked this girl in the face and rightly so, but the fact that he remained true to his values and literally turns the other cheek.

But on a real note, this girl seriously needs to be arrested, cause this is full-blown assault, which many users on Twitter suggested:

“This girl should be arrested immediately.”

“Given the pandemic, it’s a felony assault, which the other girl has committed by hitting him in the back of the head as well.”

“Spitting in his face in a known pandemic could lead to much bigger charges.”

“She’s a victim of a relentless media disinformation and brainwashing campaign. The young man was right not to hit him. If she was arrested, it would show that things are working as they should – but things are not.”

”Good on the Trump supporter kid for STANDING HIS GROUND. He should be proud. Plenty of adults would have totally folded.”

“That girl better have been expelled. Forget expelled. If these schools cannot teach self-control then just expell them. And then she should be arrested for assault. With COVID going around that is assault.”

This girl needs to face the consequences immediately.

Hopefully we’ll have an update soon on the justice she’ll face.

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